5 Amazing Ways AI is changing our lives!


AI or Artificial Intelligence is the broad range of domain where artificially designed intelligent systems do the job for humans.

Ranging from medical tests to your snapchat filters, AI is fast revolutionizing the world because of its tremendous impact on our lives.

Here are the top 5 ways AI is changing our Lives!

1.)  Changing the way we communicate!

AI in communications


Communication has rapidly changed in the past 2 decades or so, that now it’s fairly common for 2 people to communicate face to face which was deemed as a dream before. AI is rapidly helping by automatically finding new algorithms so that our experience is unparalleled!

From Google’s Allo that uses advanced Machine Learning Algorithms to reconstruct live video feeds in poor networks to intelligent systems in Skype that automatically detect users faces, AI has indeed made our lives easier!

With virtual assistants like Siri, Google Now, Alexa round the corner, Human computer interaction has created a new benchmark of realism, thanks to AI!

2.) The way we play!


ML in sports


Literally, whether it’s outdoor games like cricket, football or hi-tech video games like GTA 5, Watchdogs, FIFA, Skyrim.
AI is tremendously impacting our experience.

Intel has introduced, smart sensors attached to the bats of batsmen, that, in real time, analyze and monitor the way the player plays and then the AI determines the player’s efficiency and his predicted score.

SO much sophistication has been done that AI can even determine what player will make what next move!

In football and other spectator sports, the cameras that take the feed of the field report the feeds to an AI system that determines the best line of frames that would feed be most appealing to viewers!


AI in Video Games!


Coming to video games, so much advanced AI is involved that in some Areas it has started beating human intelligence itself!

Recently, Google Brain Team developed the system to play GO, the ancient Chinese board game and defeated the world champion!

In video games like Call of Duty, Crysis, GTA etc. , AI determines the way you fight with your enemies and how they respond to your retaliation. In FIFA, AI teams up players and an automatically generated team plan is followed by the opponents to take you down! WOW!


3.)What we see!!


AI in Social Media!

You may wonder how are your FB, Insta, Snapchat or YouTube feeds are generated and how do they recommend some stuff to you?
Yes, you got it right! Artificial Intelligent systems used by these apps in their backend monitor your past interests and likes and using highly advanced machine learning algorithms, they dig up the best sources of entertainment and posts for you to enjoy! Amazing isn’t it?

Next time when you search Amazon for some product and then find it popping everywhere in ads in other websites, don’t be amazed! It’s AI at play J

4.)The way we are diagnosed!

AI in medical diagnosis!

AI has deeply impacted the medical industry in the last decade that now almost everywhere, it’s being used to diagnose intelligently the diseases in people!

AI can confidently inspect MRI or other scan results and give a strong opinion to the doctor to determine the illness.

Areas like tumor detection, injury detection, etc. are heavily utilizing AI in the aid of treating humans!

5.) Last but not the least, the way we work!!


AI in jobs

Yes! It’s true, AI will soon be taking up jobs and do it by “itself” instead of humans!

It has started happening in various sectors around the world and has already caused a lot of unemployment already!

Various tasks that were used to be performed by humans , now can be done more accurately and more speedily by AI.

Microsoft co-founder and World’s richest man, Bill Gates recently mentioned that governments around the world must take care to keep a check of rapidly evolving AI so that in future a harmonious balance must be maintained between AI and human jobs!
He even insisted that robots start paying taxes like humans if they take their jobs!

AI indeed is an extremely powerful domain of science that will surely impact every aspect of humanity in coming future and I’m sure that it will be in good for all of us 😉

That’s all for now, will be back soon with more exciting stories about tech for you, till then take care and see ya!


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