5 reasons you should hit the gym!!

reasons you should hit the gym!!


Fitness is something every one of us desires in life!

Whether it’s to impress anyone or to reach personal goals, a fit person sure can take on this world with ease!

Here are top 5 reasons, why you should hit the gym right now!!

reasons you should hit the gym!!

1.) You want to be lean!

Working out regularly increases metabolic rate and helps in burning down excessive fat and cellulite that hosts a variety of diseases. Surely, a lean person, with more muscle and less fact looks more attractive, becomes more confident and feels better than before!Go hit!

After all, who doesn’t wants to be ready to take off his T-shirt and flare those chiseled abs of steel, made by working hard!


2.)Increase Immunity!

Regular workout increases muscle resistance and organ strength in a holistic manner! When you pump those weights, you are actually, telling your body to become more strongly next time! You’ll be less prone to catch the flu or other seasonal diseases when you have a rugged “all season”body. So make sure you hit the gym at least 3-4 times a week to reap out the maximum benefits!


3.)Improve Heart Health!

With the sedentary lifestyle today’s generation is living, heart health is almost always ignored! Over to its top, all types of junk food make it worse! Hitting the gym and doing cardio ensures that heart muscles work regularly and pump blood efficiently to all parts of the body!

As you do cardio regularly, your heart becomes stronger and you’ll be less prone to heat diseases like high BP, cholesterol problems in old age

Alongside with proper diet and rest, strategic and regular workout helps you to be energetic throughout the day and keep your heart in shape!


4.)Slow down aging!

It may seem BS right now, research has proven that regular resistance training, ensures that muscle fibers do not degrade in size and strength as you age! Hitting the gym ensures that you are forcing your body to be more strong and preventing age-related muscle atrophies and joint problems!

Still, don’t believe me? A real life example is Arnold Schwarzenegger! This celebrated bodybuilder is now in his70’s but still cycles around easily and even works out sometimes!

You never get old when you have that fighting spirit!


5.)Improve Mental Health!

With the stressful lives, we all are living nowadays, no wonder so many people are going into depression and anxiety due to stresses and loneliness.

The holy grail is that, when you hit the gym, your body releases feelgood chemicals called “endorphins” which instantly lift up your mood and give you a boost! Even more, this effect remains after you have exercised and doing regularly greatly helps in improving mental health and general well-being!

Going to the gym and making new friends helps overcome loneliness and reduces social anxiety as well!


So what more? As you see going to the gym has so many benefits involved, so what are you waiting for?

Grab those”kept in box” shoes, wear your T-shirt and go hit the gym!!

It’s your life, make it large!




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